Looking for sinful yet guilt-free food?

House of  Seitan, HoS, is a contemporary style urban bistro founded to offer you your favourite food with a healthy twist. We used age old ingredient, Seitan, and brought innovation and science together to create delicious and healthy treats.

You think its junk, think again!!

We believe that healthy eating should not be a compromise that is why we have handcrafted delicious flavours to go with our burgers, pita pockets and sandwiches which make our menu not just palatable but also extremely appetizing.


What is Seitan?

Seitan aka vegan wheat protein is a 100% vegetarian and plant-based. It is highly nutritious and tasty. It's high protein but low fat and low carb content makes it ideal to satisfy your daily protein needs.

Although wheat protein was first mentioned in China in 6th century but it got its name, Seitan, in 1961 by George Ohsawa, a Japenese advocate or macrobiotic diet.  

Watermelon Salad
Apple Papaya Smoothie
Peri Peri Seitan Pita
Banana dry fig Smoothie
Raw Papaya Salad
Pearl Millet with Quinoa Salad
Apple Broccoli Salad
Bean Sprouts Salad
Pesto Seitan Burger
Asian Salad

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House of Seitan, JK Plaza, 12th Main , HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore

091082 74896

What People Say


SEITAN in India finally!!!!
Tried House Of Seitan and was blown with their innovative, super healthy yet delicious menu. I highly recommend this place to anyone & everyone - who would want to binge on healthy food. SEITAN has the highest protein (40%) compared to all other veg protein sources. This is a rare find. Tried their Burgers, Sandwiches and shakes and boy o boy... They just NAILED it!!!


Seitan is popular meat substitute made from gluten and water , high Protein content . You can choose your bread type Burger , Pita Pocket or Sour Dough Sandwich, your choice of sauce and filling . I had Pita Pocket with Pesto . The portion size is good for one , filling and flavourful . They have variety of salads too . And shakes ,you can add whey if you wish to . Water based drinks too , I had cucumber + celery I, it was really good . For health freaks this is a good munching place. Good portion , good about of fiber plus tasteful.


Can't stop going to this place, I think this is the only place you get seitan, I'm not vegan but the sandwiches here are great, seitan tastes amazing

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